“VTDance debunks society’s media culture with ‘Occupy’”

– Sarah Halzack, Washington Post

Occupy considers what occupies our minds, what occupies our souls, and how we inhabit/occupy space and how these notions may lead to change…and sometimes a revolution.

Collaborators include:
Poem: Cathy L. Draine
Costume Consultant: Trebien Pollard,
Props: Jason Wells – ADI, Alan Spaeth & McCormicks Color Guard Products,
Video Animation: Leah Calo, Patrick McCrory, David Dowling,
Video/Film: Sujan Shreestha
Photo Imaging: Jenee Mateer, Andrew Becker, Kait Smith, Casey Yancey


Choreography & Direction: Vincent E. Thomas
Lighting Designer: Ben Levine
Stage Manager: Annie Choudhury
Rehearsal Assistant: Beth Griffin

Leroy Anderson- The Typewriter, Alec Trumble – Journey: Lost in Thought, Tommy Keenum – Borderline, Paul Rucker – The Problem to the Answer is the Question, Sergei Rachmaninov – Preludes #1 in C major, #5 in G major, #2 in B flat major, Samuel Barber – Adagio for Strings, Op. 11, Mecca Bodega – Tunnel Up

Rachel Bunting, Stephanie Crockett, Beth Griffin, Ari Israel, Kimani Lee, Tony Lee, Thomas Moore, Jr., Jessica Pinkett, Asja Shaw, Darnell Williams, Vincent E. Thomas, Damontae Hack, Brian Jensen, Alex Shade



“The program examines how news and cultural events can get absorbed into our thoughts and actions.”

– Sarah Halzack, Washington Post

Preview Occupy video

Additional video clips may be found at: YouTube: vtdanceorg

Photos of performance:

Upcoming Events & Performances

  • Theatre Project Baltimore 50th Birthday Celebration

    October 23, 2021

    Baltimore Theatre Project

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  • Residency- School of Arts

    January 10 - January 14, 2022

    Residency- School of Arts

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  • Season Concert

    March 12 - March 13, 2022

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