Moving Dialogues REDUX

Moving Dialogues REDUX, an evening of new works that will stimulate your senses and your mind.

Speak Space is a new collaboration with Kristin Putchinski celebrating the 50th birthday of Baltimore Theatre Project.


Pursuit of Hope features the new ensemble VTDance II, exploring notions of hope for today.


Gardens of Clay, the new multi-year project celebrating and exploring the life, lessons, and legacy of Mr. Clay Taliaferro;


InBox…, a new collaboration with guitarist Julian Peterson,
unwraps a box of wishes;


Step…, an improvisational score on a labyrinth of hope.


Performers: Kristin Putchinski, Clay Taliaferro, Vincent E Thomas
VTDance II Performers: Elias Brzezinski, Mikhail Gordon, Yasir, Jones, Brandon Palmer
Musician: Julian Peterson
Composer: Christian Cherry
Lighting Design: Heather Mork
Projection Design: Steven Burrall

All around, the news worsens. In the theater, Vincent Thomas creates a sanctuary. Lisa Green-Cudek

Photos of performance:

Nick Hood Photography

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