L.O.V.E. Project

(2002-2003) The L.O.V.E Project is an exploration of love (its nuances and myriad forms) through dance, stories, letters, phone calls, advertisements and dark corners.

The project began with a story of a friend who had been “stood up” by a hopeful love interest and the passionate vocal strings of Patsy Cline. The result, “When Love Calls . . .” – performed by Kristin Fieseler – quilts together stories from three generations.

The vignettes illustrate how a simple telephone call can sometimes frustrate the eager … or help a lover (young or old) to connect. This called for a closer look into the letters L-O-V-E, in which I explored in a series of four solos. “The Letters” includes three solo pieces and a duet. “L” calls on our memories of childhood and our budding attempts to express affections in words. “O” explores our connections with words as we notice the onset of adolescence and reflect on subtle changes in the world around us . . . and the world inside. “V” is a duet about connection in space and time and the effort to grasp opportunity while recognizing connection can be elusive. “E” treats the adult perspective on the love letter, the memory of missed opportunities, and the hope for love’s fulfillment.

This evening of dance theatre also includes “So This is Love” (music of Natalie Cole), “WANTED:” (William Goffigan, percussionist), “Escape Velocity” (John Mann, filmmaker), and many other surprising love twists.

Trust and Love Project

After performing my “L” solo at Salon 4, Diana Tokaji shared her thoughts about fusing her TRUST Project and my L.O.V.E Project. Realizing that love and trust are intertwined so tightly, we began the journey.

It was immediate – in the studio…moving, talking, moving, breathing, resting, moving, sharing, and more moving, daring to play with words: “Do you love him? I do…still…. How do you know? I mean, how did you begin to trust? Gently… How do we learn to trust? …step by step”

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